Our Services - Prototyping

With our strengths being complex machining coupled with the engineering support we naturally excel at prototype development. We can work from customer drawings, CAD models, and reverse engineering current or obsolete products.

Working from customer drawings or CAD models we can produce prototype parts in very short turnaround times. Our proprietary tooling and work holding methods allow us to produce new parts minimizing up front setup charges. We have experience working with a wide variety of materials reducing the learning curve many have to factor into the price and lead time.

Reverse engineering utilizing our CMM inspection equipment allows us to take your sample part and convert it into an electronic model where it can be updated or altered as needed prior to the manufacturing investment.

With prototyping and production machining available in one company, your parts can go from prototype to production with little additional development. This allows a seamless transition assuring that your production parts will directly reflect your prototype parts.