Maintaining a high quality standard is the main focus of our success. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the highest possible quality with a full documentation trail from the raw material through the production processes to the finished part. Starting with our own Workmanship Standards, our employees are held to a higher level of quality. We don’t stop at what the customer will accept. If we can make it better, we will.

Utilizing optical and touch probe CNC/CMM technology, calibrated gaging and integrated software, we have the tools necessary to ensure finished product conformance. Our quality management system is modeled in the ISO 9001:2008 standard and we are currently working towards AS9100 certification.

With E2 Shoptech software we have the ability to track orders from beginning to end. Quality issues are flagged at the first possible moment. Corrective/preventative actions are put in place and reviewed by relevant authorities to ensure only conforming products leave our facility. In conjunction with E2 Shoptech, our Discus software package drives the physical inspection on all manufactured parts. Inspection data is recorded throughout all manufacturing processes. Results are documented in the AS9100 First Article Inspection format and shipped with each order.